Nature’s Best Lawnmowers at Work!!!!!



We have moved Spunky and Dinky over to the other pastures with Whinnie and Wizard because their pasture was just so rich because of all of the rain. They were both fatties for sure. The other pastures were just as rich but with four equids grazing, it is keeping it down.

We decided to let the girls out in that pasture to be able to get some grass and it is working out real well. The fencing is four “board” Centaur fence so they are unlikely to crawl under even though there is no field fence around it. Kevin puts them out in the AM and brings them in when it warms up then turns them out in the early evening and brings them in just before dark. They are digging it big time!

I think the addition of good quality pasture will really supplement their diet and really help with new babies in the future!

Also, we might bring young Seamus and Ice Man over to graze periodically when the girls aren’t there as well!