First thing, I want to thank everyone who visits my little blog for their kindness during the past few very hard weeks. Your kind and supportive words brought tears but helped me so very much!

The pics are from Shirley Plantation here in Charles City County. This plantation is the oldest family owned and operated business in the USA. SOOOO much history at this place that I can’t even keep it all straight.

A couple of facts:

Robert E. Lee lived here for a number of years when he was young.

The ladies saved the whole plantation from devastation during the Civil War when the Union troops camped on the property after a battle at Malvern Hill (I believe) by helping the troops with food and care. They hoped that the same care would be accorded to their loved ones if they found themsleves in a like situation. The plantaion was neither burned or looted.

During some really hard times in the early 1900’s, the plantation had fallen on hard times and the ladies were looking at losing the whole thing when they had a visitor buy an original painting from the family collection. It was a full length portrait of George Washington. It was okay because “he wasn’t family.”

That is why Southern Belles are referred to as “Steel Magnolias.”