I was going to have some pictures of the Open House we had at the farm on Sunday, but the camera went missing. We did eventually find it, but by that time, it was mostly over. There were a couple of our guests who were taking pictures and hope to get a few of them sent.

It was a wonderful day though. The weather was very cooperative, sunny and about 80 degrees with a light breeze. I had lots of good food and plenty of beverages and about 75 people came.

We enjoyed introducing everyone to our alpacas and even had some scarves, gloves, socks and hats that were made from paca fiber to show people and to sell.

Gracie got lots of good belly rubbings and the horses got plenty of attention and treats.

We leave tomorrow for Lexington, VA for the 2010 Virginia Alpaca Owners and Breeders Expo. We will be showing 3 of our babies, Clare, Kerry and Killa. We were going to be taking Tip as well, but his hind end still isn’t 100% after his recent illness.

I WILL have pictures!!