Warm and Really Cool Lined Chullos

These colorful hats are line for extra warmth, and come s!in a great variety of cool colors. Great for the skiier, or anyone who spends time outdoors during the winter! Sent one to Montana to be tested out by my daughter Cat, and got rave review. These lined chullos are really warm, and really cool

Price: from $35.00
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Triangular Alpaca Lace Shawl

Triangular Lace Shawl

Triangular lace shawl is beautifully woven from 100% baby alpaca fiber. Quickly jazz up any ensemble, any time of year, with this classy item

Price: from $45.00
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Embroidered Texting Mittens

Texting Mittens

  Texting mittens from Hummingbird Hill Alpacas will keep your hands warm, while allowing free access to cell and tablet use.  

Price: from $27.00
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Embroidered Alpaca Cardigan

Soft, and Beautiful Womens Alpaca Sweaters

Soft as cashmere and hypoallergenic. Our designs are featherlight, breathable and washable. It is indeed the fiber of the gods!

Price: from $150.00$150.00
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Cable crewneck sweater

Mens Alpaca Sweaters

Our men's sweaters are top quality baby alpaca products. They are well made, soft, warm and lightweight. The perfect gift to show how much you care!  

Price: from $100.00
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Radar O'Reilly MASH Cap

Made In USA Alpaca Hats

These warm, and colorful alpaca hats are made from American alpaca fiber. They will definitely give you that warm and fuzzy, patriotic feeling!

Price: from $25.00
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infinity scarf

Infinity Scarf

All the rage with our youthful customers is this superfine endless alpaca Infinity scarf, which comes in a wide variety of colors!

Price: from $65.00
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Heirloom Baby Blanket

This beautiful baby blanket is 100% baby alpaca, the fiber of the gods. It is woven in an elegant cable knit, and its craftmanship will last a lifetime. It measures 48"X42" and is currently available in oatmeal, light fawn, and light brown. And best of all it is hypoallergenic, lightweight, warm and made in USA

Price: from $150.00$150.00
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Extreme Alpaca Socks Regular Height

Extreme Alpaca Socks

These MADE-IN-USA alpaca socks are the perfect thing for anyone who spends time outside.Hunters, fishermen, skiiers, campers and just about everyone who wants to stay warm and comfortable swear byuring the winter. them.They come in three heights, slipper, regular and boot. Socks are in sock sizes, not shoe sizes, so order one size higher than

Price: from $20.00
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Comfortable Alpaca Diabetic Socks

Naturally colored Alpaca socks to meet the special needs of diabetes sufferers. The tops provide support without restricting circulation, while the soles provide the warmth,cushion, and wicking necessary to protect your feet from injury, while keeping them warm!

Price: from $18.00
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Colorful Chullos for Kids

Chullos for kids. Make sure that your precious one's head is protected by this soft and warm hat. Well crafted, sturdy, and hypo-allergenic.

Price: from $30.00
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Cable Fur Trimmed Hat

This beautiful 100% alpaca hat provides the warmth and feel of real fur, which is actually made from suri alpaca fiber.We also offer gloves and scarf to complete the high end look!

Price: $45.00
Baby Alpaca Sweater

Baby Alpaca Sweater

100% Baby Alpaca sweater comes in medium and small sizes. Available in white, black and lavender.

Price: from $110.00
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Alpaca Teddy Bears and Stuffed Alpaca Toys

THIS 6 inch Teddy Bear is not only unique and beautiful, but incredibly soft! These alpaca toys are beautiful, extremely soft, durable, and hypoallergenic!

Price: from $40.00
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Lace Capelet

Alpaca Shawls and Ponchos

Light, lacy and beautiful with that handcrafted look. Make that night out special with an alpaca shawl or poncho!

Price: from $65.00
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Beautiful scarves are great gifts for others, or for yourself

Alpaca Scarves

Warm, colorful, lightweight and hypoallergenic. Alpaca scarves are the ultimate winter accessary!

Price: from $25.00
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Alpaca Purses and Bags

Our alpaca handbags are colorful and durable. Small enough for easy carry, or big enough for your laptop. Some made in USA and some Peruvian. It is quite a wide assortment!  

Price: from $15.00
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Luxurious Alpaca Bed Pillows for a natural, hypoallergenic sleep

Alpaca Pillows

We are currently producing custom made alpaca bed pillows, and decorator pillows to your specifications. All of our pillows are hand made, and stuffed with hypoallergenic alpaca fiber!

Price: $100.00
A great assortment of ladies hats for only $35

Alpaca Hats for the Ladies

Colorful Alpaca hats for the ladies. We provide warmth and fashion in a lightweight and hypoallergenic fiber!  

Price: from $35.00
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dk weight yarn

All American Alpaca Yarns

We now offer two weights of 100% made in USA fine alpaca yarns. Both come in three natural colors light fawn, heather brown, and white. The heavier DK weight skeins weigh about 3.5 oz of 100 prime alpaca. they are 2 ply and are 185 yards long. This offers improved hand and strenghth.The sports weight

Price: from $10.00
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Fine alpaca clothing including scarves, hats, socks, mittens,sweaters and yarn. They are warm, lightweight, and hypoallergenic. we offer a large variety of alpaca clothing and accessories for all season wear.

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